Create a Demand for Your Services,
Attract More Clients and Build Your Wealth. 

Yes, I am Ready to Leverage My Expertise
Become an Instant Author

Because you are a business professional, I know you may be a unique high level executive leader who may have often wondered about writing a book. (Unless you already wrote one, of course.)

I am personally inviting you to be instant author with me on one of my books, “The Strategic Leadership Handbook: Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Driving Leadership Performance.”

It has seven chapters so it’s a quick and easy read. You can use it for your business as a way to build publicity and been seen as the expert in your field.

Use it to get on TV, Radio Interviews, get Consultancy Contracts, and Media Exposure. Its your personalized business card that stands out from the rest….or you can even use it as a profit center to add additional income to your bottom line.

I am looking to white-list the book, so your name would be on the front cover and your profile listed on the back.

Above is a sample of the front cover.

I think you are a perfect candidate to finally have a book under your belt.

Here are additional benefit of having the Strategic Leadership Handbook as part of your business with your fullname listed on the front.

This is a perfect opportunity to leverage our expertise together and :

1. Help demonstrate you as a expert in your field with a READY TO GO Book. (you don’t have to spend countless hour writing, editing, etc. I have already done it. Books is ready just to add your name on cover and back of book. Yes, it’s that easy!)

2. Use the book as a client attracting magnet to get publicity. (Publicity is cheaper than advertising, free most of the time, and it gives you immediate awareness of your brand on all media circles. Ads will run you in the thousands, I will show you how to use publicity instead! Its a completely hidden secret and I will help you set yours up.)

3. Creates an additional profit center that you can add to your existing business because I will give you reseller rights. So, you can sell as many times as you want and keep all the profits!

4. and many other ways to use to increase your visibility, attract more clients and get doors open to speak, partner and network with business leaders to promote your brand.

Yes, I am Ready to Create a Demand
for My Services, Attract More Clients
and Build My Wealth.