The CEO Who Sees Around Corners – Review

The CEO Who Sees Around Corners – Review
By Alex Sanders, President, Global Executive Institute

I absolutely will read any article, newsletter or book that is produced by Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias. They are literally the World’s Best Business Strategy Consultants! After following them for almost two decades and encountered countless testimonials of their success, it is almost impossible not to be a student of their strategic, innovative ideas.

Having personally consulted many CEO’s, Executive Leaders and Global Thought Leaders, I am constantly researching to provide my clients the latest and most credible consulting to enhance their business performance.

One of the texts that has been a game changer for me and my clients is the book, The CEO Who Sees Around Corners, that is co-authored by Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias. They have designed a completely new system when dealing with SME and Multinational corporations. When carefully ready, you begin to understand that it is a completely new paradigm in doing business. Basically, it’s a “Blue Ocean”.

Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias wrote this book to deal with two fundamental problems plaguing CEO’s and Senior Executives worldwide: This mismatch between CEO’s mental paradigms versus the 21st Century challenges they face; and the confusion between what to do strategically  versus how to execute operationally.

The result: Failures and wealth destruction, as focus is scattered across too many different strategic initiatives, rather than adhering to a systematic process of deliberate, long-term strategy formulation.

As economics stagnate and sovereign debt mounts, just what measure should a CEO take to revive profitable, healthy growth with in the organization?

The question can be answered only by an accurate-thinking CEO leader. One who can balance both reason and emotion. One who relies on insight foresight to prepare for the future, without compromising personal or company values. And one who leverages the multiple perspectives of a mastermind group to help navigate through a turbulent world.

This book clearly defines the necessary attributes for Executive Leadership success in the 21st Century along with a development roadmap to become the CEO Who Sees Around Corners.

As a way to bring value to you as an Executive Leaders, the authors have agreed to do a 4-Week Live Webinar Training Series at No Cost.

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By Alex Sanders International Group, President, Global Executive
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