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Three Types Of Successful Entrepreneurs: And Five Ways They Create Business Wealth.

One Decision and One Action Will Maximize All Five!

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    Five Ways They Create Business Wealth

    Three Types Of Successful Entrepreneurs: And Five Ways They Create Business Wealth. One Decision and One Action Will Maximize All Five! Download PDF here.


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Dear Friend;

This next statement is probably going to shock you. In fact, you may not like to hear what I am about to say. You may have to admit that it’s true. Recognize, also, that it significantly impacts all of your future prospects for business growth and long-term prosperity. Here goes…

There are three types of entrepreneurs in the business world.

1)  The people who are constantly making things happen

2)  The ones who watch things happen…and

3)  The people things keep happening to

No matter which of the three groups you may currently fall into, one thing is certain: You want your business to do more, have more, reach farther and achieve a lot more financial and business success.

The problem is—at all three places on the entrepreneurial “continuum”— most people don’t know how to move up to the higher (let alone the HIGHEST) levels. That’s where I can help.

If you are a mover, shaker, doer—someone who’s always committed to action, achievement and maximizing opportunity—I can show you how to broaden your scope of opportunities AND see your business at a higher, broader sense of what’s possible.

If you’re someone who tends to stagnate, contemplate and rarely initiate business growth activities or marketing expansion actions —-You need me to turn you from a mere business custodian into a BUSINESS GROWTH MAXIMIZER.

Just by shifting your thinking and focus, your business can quickly advance upward and forward at a rapid rate.

FINALLY—if you’re someone who operates your business timidly, reactively, non- responsively…OR you feel more like a spectator up in the stands than a player on the business field—I can totally change (no, make that totally transform) your thinking, actions and transactional capability.

Going from mediocrity to greatness as a business builder is probably the most exciting, fulfilling and engaging move you could make.

It will animate your business spirit. It will stimulate your intellect. It will re- invigorate your entrepreneurial side and get it going and growing –for the first time in a long time (or, perhaps, for the first time EVER).

My point?

IMG_4312_530X414I can help each category of entrepreneur move up to the highest levels of proactive, strategic business achievement attainable.

Stated differently; I can turn high performers and achievers into super performers and overachievers. I can turn successful entrepreneurs into mega successful entrepreneurs. I can turn marketing green horns into marketing green berets. AND I can turn business wallflowers into confident, capable masterful marketers and powerful business builders.

Plus, no matter which of the three categories you fall into now, I can multiply your short and long-term accomplishments AND financial success. But it gets better………

I’ve concentrated my life work (as a business growth expert) on finding you the big upside leverage points that none of your competitors ever saw. I’ve focused my efforts on harnessing the powerful combined “profit forces” that business multipliers (working together in strategic combination) can make on your bottom line.

But, of all the breakthroughs I’ve uncovered—one still remains almost totally overlooked by every small to medium sized business owner I meet. Yet the moment you fully grasp the financial implications of this driving principle, your attitude about business building will be forever changed——-for the better. Your performance levels will skyrocket in the process.

Here it is….

There are five kinds of meaningful business wealth.

Most Business Owners Achieve or Possess None Of The Five. A few gain control of one or two. Less than 5% of all businesses (doing under $20 million) have at least three wealth sources working for them. Less than half that number (a mere 2%) have four of the five wealth elements in place.

And only a shocking 1% of all businesses I’ve ever looked at have all five wealth factors in play—driving their upwardly spiraling business success. Odds are great your business doesn’t have more than one of these working for you, either.

Obviously, you want to know what those five factors of business wealth building are, don’t you?

Got a pencil? Then write this all down carefully, somewhere where you can see and review it AT LEAST five times each day. Then make absolutely certain YOUR business activities and actions are all designed to incorporate and maximize all five of these in everything you ever do from now on.

Here they are:

1.) The first determinate of business wealth creation is constantly increasing CURRENT INCOME AND PROFITS.

If your business isn’t multiplying its income, profit level and positive cash-flow every year–you can’t invest internally in more and better marketing or business growth activities. Nor, too can you have the funds to invest and finance a better lifestyle—or the outside investment opportunities that create passive income and significant net worth.


If your business doesn’t have highly predictable, strategic, long term revenue-generating programming in place, that assures continuous flow of profits and sales well into the upcoming years—you DON’T have a business at all.

You have a promotion! Big difference, here. One of my main focuses is on formulating recurring income streams, profit centers ongoing back-end sales systems that sustain and expand cash flow—and thereby assure your business won’t merely survive tomorrow…it will thrive!


There is no business out there I know that cannot uncover a five to seven figure profit windfall within six months. But once you do that you can realistically start mining cash windfalls each and every month, by developing a 360 degree view of your business.

These windfalls finance the critical marketing tests, research, resources, new product or service development, and personal indulgences you really need in order to engineer the level of growth potential your business is capable of reaching.

By the way, want to know one of the unpublished secrets that “Think And Grow Rich” author Napoleon Hill found out about almost every great achiever he studied?

They worked smarter than anyone they competed against AND they played harder, too. Many worked six months, then took off a month. Others worked four days and took off the next three. Still others worked a year then relaxed for three months. Do you think they were lazy? Of course not. But they inherently understood how to nourish and reinvigorate their creativity. That is the key to driving massive lifetime business achievement.


This is trickier to grasp; but unfathomably important to achieve. Unless you have the certainty, confidence, peace of mind, vision, low stress, control, power, persistence, perceptiveness, high ethical standards and unstoppable drive you can’t possibly pilot the strata of unstoppable business growth and income increases you’re after.

There is a scientific process you can use to quickly master the mindset elements I’m talking about in this fourth dimension of business wealth creation. Once you master how to triumph over all the mental obstacles—you’ll gain the ability to cut through all the diversions, inhibitions or impediments that have been keeping you performing at a fraction of your capability.


Sadly few business owners ever build a business they can sell for a lot more money than they take out of it in a year. Yet a business’ asset value should be one of the major wealth creations you achieve from your business efforts.

Seriously, if you learn how to create strategic marketing systems, processes and procedures that keep working harder and harder for you—people will stand in line for the “privilege” of buying it from you for five, ten, fifteen, even twenty times whatever income it pays you in a year.

But you MUST have an asset-building strategy in place working in harmony with all the others for wealth building factors I’ve talked about above. Otherwise your entire business career will pay you less than 5% of the reward you could be receiving. People I’ve done this for have received paydays of seven, eight and even nine figures when they either got tired of what they do, retired or found a bigger/better business opportunity they wanted to move up to.

IMG_4328_345X478I want to help you harness All Five Business wealth building factors. We can actually transform your business strategy in our VIP Platinum Day. In the process, I can also take you to a much higher level of performance capability on the business continuum.

How can I do it for you? Through a breakthrough business growth process called VIP Platinum Day. It’s a cutting edge program I’ve engineered expressly for people wanting to move themselves up—both in performance level and business wealth-building skills.

This program is totally specialized, intensively and comprehensively focused only on the five key business growth factors I’ve talked about in this letter. To help you clearly appreciate how dramatically different this program is from any other (and every other) program I’ve ever conducted, I will be giving you over $45,712 worth of FREE resources the moment you sign up. These documents explain in much greater detail what this indescribably powerful new process is all about. These are programs I have sold between $5000 to $10,000 per person to attend.

If you want to propel yourself and your business, then this exclusive VIP Platinum Day IS A MUST FOR YOU. If you fear your business is not harnessing many (or any) of those five wealth building factors, definitely review my invitation to you.

Once you understand the powerful transformation process I’m offering to take you and your business through in our VIP Platinum Day —decide whether the result is something you’re really ready for. If it’s time to move yourself up in the business performance and wealth- building world, so go and claim one of the very few spot right we have available. It’s time for you to become part of the 1% to and stand above the competition in your industry.

Three kinds of entrepreneurs. Five ways to build more business wealth. I hope this quick lesson in business building holds value for you.

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Alex Sanders
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